Friday, September 19, 2014

How things are different since the boys have gone to college, month one...

These two are in college???
  • There is nobody to ask to take out the garbage...and ask and ask.
  • There is much less laundry.
  • The dining room has never been used again.
  • The dishwasher only needs to be run every other day.
  • There is nobody to ask to mow the lawn...and ask and ask.
  • Savings on water, electricity, food, clothes, gas. Oh scratch that. No savings. Two tuitions.
  • No one plays the piano.
  • There are not six to eight pairs of shoes left in the entryway as admission tickets to what was once considered Bethesda’s Best Basement.
  • There is no reason to buy 2% milk. Only skim.
  • We keep the doors to their rooms closed so that we can pretend they are just in there sleeping.

Today I am flying to Memphis to see one of them. Bet you $100 he has not made his  bed once.